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Joe Revelle

Sales and Technical Support Representative
Learn How Solinst Pneumatic Packers
​​​​​​ Can Improve Your Groundwater Monitoring Projects
Are you tasked with obtaining accurate groundwater samples and estimating aquifer properties? Then you need to register for this webinar; where Joe Revelle will discuss how Packers can be used to improve your groundwater sampling and aquifer testing programs. You will learn what Packers are, how they are used, and the types of Packers available.

Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers Webinar Overview

  • See how Packers create depth discrete isolated zones of interest in a well or borehole
  • ​Go over in detail the Model 800 Low Pressure Packer options
  • ​Learn the difference between a Single Packer and Straddle Packer Setup
  • ​Review best field practices needed before deploying Packers
  • ​See how Packers can be used to perform a Falling Head K Test
  • ​Learn how Solinst instruments and accessories can be used with Packers to obtain more accurate groundwater samples
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